Why Us

Investment Philosophy

There are two foundations to Fat Prophets investment philosophy:

  1. The ability to formulate and articulate a long-term outlook and;
  2. Having the correct structural composition within a portfolio.

We believe that superior long term returns can be achieved by combining a value driven fundamental assessment of a stock’s future prospects, with underlying key trends and a top down appraisal of key macro-economic factors.

Underpinning this is a strong contrarian approach to stock selection and a fundamental bias towards value.

Proven investment strategy

We believe that the best bargains tend to be in stocks that are completely neglected by the broader market. Our approach is to analyse a range of large and smaller capitalised companies, with a view to isolating securities trading at significant discounts to their intrinsic value. Our Australian equities investment process is therefore active and valuation driven. We believe that superior investment returns can be achieved by identifying and exploiting opportunities where securities are mispriced. Every security has an intrinsic or fair value, however in our opinion; security prices do not always reflect their fair value.

“Boutique” investment service

We are in a unique situation to be able to serve our clients with what we consider to be the best of both worlds – in house and external research. From our close relationship with the Fat Prophets analysts in Sydney, and around the world, we have access to in-depth expert opinions on a day to day basis for both economic and company specific news. We also have the freedom to generate ideas for clients from external relationships and we believe in finding the best ideas for our clients within the whole market, not just from our own team. We spend our day looking for ideas to bring to you, while you are busy doing your day job or enjoying your retirement.

Benefit from our varied experience

We have seen good and bad markets. Companies come and go. Investors make and lose money. And that experience is never lost, always remembered. It helps us to produce well considered client advice, read and analyse market movements, time buys and sells, recognise market themes, make early stock selections, and formulate risk management.

Flagship offering

Managed Account Service provides a diversified, actively managed portfolio for clients. Our comprehensive tax reporting assists in ensuring that SMSF Trustees remain compliant with ASIC requirements. 24 hour a day access to your portfolio is provided, so you may view your investments at any time, rather than having to wait for reporting from your fund manager or accountant months down the track.

Our People

Angus Geddes – Chief Investment Officer

Angus Geddes is the Founder and CIO of Fat Prophets.

He has a wealth of experience acquired over more than two decades in both domestic and international financial markets. Aside from running the Fat Prophets group. Angus has broad investment responsibilities within the Funds Management division, which manages close to $100 million.

Angus’s investment track record began in 1982 at the young age of 13. In 1986 he received a “highly commended” award from the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce for increasing an initial investment of $200 to $35,000 on the world stock markets.

During his career, Angus has worked as a money market dealer in New Zealand, a financial consultant in the United Kingdom and the United States. Moving to Australia in 1996, Angus worked for five years as a stockbroker at Bankers Trust and JB Were before co-founding Fat Prophets in June 2000.

Majoring in Economics, Angus completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Otago University, New Zealand in 1990. He is also a member of the Securities Institute of Australia having qualified for a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment in 1999.

Angus is also a non executive director of Pie-face Holdings, one of Australia’s fastest growing food franchises and Fitch Metals Engineering, a rapidly expanding industrial engineering and manufacturing company. Angus is also a director of the Australasian Investment Review, a fast growing online magazine with more than 35,000 subscribers.

Simon Wheatley

Simon Wheatley

Simon has over 20 years of listed markets experience, having started out in real estate equity research in 1996, before heading real estate equity research teams for JB Were and Goldman Sachs from 1999. Simon was head of international equity research for Goldman Sachs JBWere (GSJBW) based in New York from 2005 where he was also broker dealer licencee of the US business, was a member of the Australian Investment Review Committee for Goldman Sachs Equity Research, and was a long term partner at GSJBW. Additionally he has had successful private business ventures, and most recently headed Real Estate Corporate Advisory for Australia and New Zealand for Goldman Sachs.