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Fat Prophets holds weekly webCAST’s for our members, however when there are big topics to be covered we host special webCAST’s and open them up to the public. Take a look at our the recordings below to find out what our Head of Research Greg Smith, along with some occasional guest speakers have had to say on the events that shaped the markets.

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Season 4

Where are the banks headed

5 Recession Proof Stocks

Finding High Sustainable Yield on the ASX

Trade war rages on

Season 3

Fat Prophets 2019-20 Budget webCAST

How Fat Prophets are Investing Post the Federal Election

Has the Property market bottomed out

Should I buy property or shares in 2019

What does Greg Smith think of Reporting Season?

All you need to know about the Hayne Report

Season 2

Are your franked stocks safe?

Will the G20 End the Trade War?

Where to hide if the market falls

10 years since the GFC

What Do Falling Property Prices Mean For Your Bank Stocks?

Reporting Season Insights

Who’s Next on Trump’s Financial Hit List?

Starting Off the 2018/19 Financial Year

Season 1

Getting The Most out of the 2018/19 Financial Year

Financials, Telcos and Tech

Royal Commission – Profit or Pitfall

Cool, Calm and Contrarian

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