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Fat Prophets was founded in 2000 by Sydney stockbroker Angus Geddes. The company has since grown to become an internationally recognised and trusted financial services brand. From modest beginnings in Australia, Fat Prophets has expanded its footprint to include offices in SydneyLondon and Auckland.

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Our research and investment return track record speaks for itself, which is why we make all of our results available to you. We also guarantee that our research and reports are completely objective, and are not paid by any of the companies that we recommend.


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Straight from the desk of Angus Geddes (CIO) before the market opens, covering relevant thoughts, opinions and insights on the market.

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We cover our latest Buy, Hold and Sell recommendations through web posts to our Fat Prophets Members area.

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Our Investor Alert email service will immediately inform you of significant events that impact any of the stocks we cover.

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Join our research team live weekly to discuss the recent market events here in Australia and internationally.

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Gain access to the Fat Prophets archive full of all past reports and stock recommendations.


We pull together the major highlights of the week in our weekly newsletter. Our analysts ensure you’re on the pulse with the most pertinent market news.

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“Been a member for 3 years, after being recommended to this newsletter by a senior Fund Manager. I must say that the daily reports and specific shares reports are highly professional, detailed and much to learn from, far superior to many other newsletters that I have been subscribing to the pasts. If you have a serious position on the share market, then, the knowledge expressed daily by Fat Prophets is critical to forming a judgement of one's position in the market”

J D'Alessandro27 Aug 2023

“Subscribing to Fat Prophets for me has been advantageous for gaining insight and knowledge about investing. I'm not a huge investor by any means but I have followed their recommendations and so far so good! I've managed to get my portfolio back into profit territory. My days of blindly investing on a hunch are gone.”

Stuart Jenaly25 Aug 2023

“Wide-ranging and in depth information on financial markets, by email daily and at any time through the website. I have been a member for many years and recommend Fat Prophets to serious investors.”

Alan25 June 2023

“I have been a subscriber to Fat Prophets for several years. The daily FatChat by Angus Geddes provides an excellent summary and interpretation of overnight activity in the main markets. I use it for information only as I am an investor but not a trader. Good value.”

Phil25 June 2023

“Good starting point. Anybody investing in the Share Market could do no better than having Fat Prophets as their advisory service. Morning wraps are a useful guide and generally their recommendations are fruitful. Stay for the long term!”

Peter Mason2 May 2023

“In reviewing Fat Prophets the relative absence of 'Sell' recommendations is apparent in their regular reports. In times of geopolitical uncertainty and potential global recession, the understanding of time-in-the-market can be a valuable tool. Advice on exposure is one thing, however advice on getting out is another.”

Rob4 March 2023

“Have been a member for at least 10 years and found it to have been good value for money. Read the daily blurb every day and use it to assist with investment decisions with success.”

Bill3 March 2023
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Who are we?

At the heart of Fat Prophets is a core philosophy and approach to investing. We are value investors which, more often than not, encompasses  a contrarian approach to investing. We combine a top down selection process with respect to key sectors in the market and then find the right stocks using bottom up value driven selection criteria. Fundamentals and technicals are important when deployed together in combination.

We provide general investment advice via online research reports detailing buy and sell recommendations along with investment & portfolio management.

Our Members have the choice of accessing four different research services covering markets such as UK, Europe, United States, Asia and Australia and the more focused mining & resources sector. Our recommendations have a robust performance track record which has attracted a loyal and committed subscriber base from around the world.

For those Members who are short on time to manage their personal investments we provide a specialised Wealth Management service. This service includes our market leading MA (Managed Account) which has been extremely popular due to its flexibility, transparency and competitive cost structure.

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