"The Retiree’s Worst Enemy"

Prepare Your Portfolio for the Coming Inflation Firestorm


The Cruellest Tax on Your Wealth

The Financial Times calls inflation: “The notorious kryptonite of fixed income investments.”

Jim Rogers (the world’s most famous commodity trader) warns: “Inflation is here. And it’s going to get worse.”

Most people don’t know this, but inflation is the most destructive force in the financial universe.

People think the Great Depression was the worst time in economic history. But it wasn’t. It was the ‘70s.

We experienced 4 bear markets where investors became irrational. They punished even the era’s greatest growth stocks.

  • The P/E ratio of the S&P crashed from 16 to less than 8.
  • Retail stores, cosmetics – even beverages – all plummeted.
  • Pepsi, Avon, Gillette, Procter and Gamble, 3M – and many more “Kings of the DOW” – watched their stock prices crash 30-70%!

And if you thought that era was bad, the coming era may be even worse…

A perfect storm of factors is brewing today that will drive inflation up to levels not seen since the ‘70s. We are at a strikingly similar point to where we were in 1976. Unfortunately, the 5 years that followed were among the most destructive in economic history.

But those who understood the big trends at the time made generations of wealth in just years. For example, in just 5 years you could’ve made:

  • 507% on oil
  • 600-1,000% on oil service companies
  • 514% on gold
  • 200-2,000% on gold stocks
  • 511% on palladium

Unfortunately, most retirees in 1976 retreated to the “safety” of bonds, TDs and money market funds…

But the soaring rate of inflation turned those traditional sanctuaries into financial death traps, just as they are about to do today.

In fact, the average $100,000 portfolio made up of 50% bonds and 50% stocks was worth just $46,000 in 1982. Yet a diversified portfolio of gold and precious metal stocks were worth as much as $420,000. So,

$46,000 or $420,000?

It's Your Choice

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