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Angus Geddes

CEO and Founder



Head of Research

David Lennox

Resource Analyst

About us

We scour the market for blue chip, mid cap and smaller stocks that represent real value. As contrarian investors, we examine company fundamentals to find those rare opportunities overlooked by other investors.
Fat Prophets has been making stock market recommendations for over 18 years. 

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The Fat Prophets Approach

Macro /


Will this sector outperform?

We identify sectors that are set to prosper from underlying economic conditions.



Where is the crowd not investing?

Where others see doom and gloom, we search for opportunities. Having the confidence to look for the winners of tomorrow allows us to stay ahead of the market.


Value Analysis

Is this company the best exposure?

We don’t just search for cheap stocks. We search for cheap companies with excellent management, outstanding assets and sustainable competitive advantages to bring our members quality investment ideas.



Is this the right time to be buying?

In making recommendations we use technical analysis to sharpen our timing. This helps our members minimise downside risk while maximising the upside. In short, we like to invest with the trend.

What Fat Prophets
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Australasian Equities

Straight from the desk of Angus Geddes (CEO) before the market opens, covering relevant thoughts, opinions and insights on the market.

The Daily Note

Join our research team live twice weekly to discuss the recent market events here in Australia and internationally. Speak with our analysts and have all your questions answered.

Live Webcasts

We pull together the major highlights of the week in our weekly newsletter. Our analysts ensure you’re on the pulse with the most pertinent market news.

Friday FatWrap

We cover our latest buy and sell recommendations through web posts to our Fat Prophets Members area.

Weekly Reports

Gain access to the Fat Prophets archive full of all past reports and stock recommendations.

Research Archive

Our Investor Alert SMS & email service will immediately inform you of significant events that impact any of the stocks we cover. In addition, if any investment opportunity arises which can’t wait for the weekly report, we’ll email it to you without delay.

Mid Week Alerts

Annualised Return Since Inception (1st October 2000 to 31st December 2018)
5 Year Annualised Rolling Return (1st January 2014 to 31st December 2018)
3 Year Annualised Rolling Return (1st January 2016 to 31st December 2018)

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**Performance numbers have been verified up to 31 December 2018. Transaction costs associated with stock market trading have not been taken into account. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance, and investors should be aware that returns can be negative.

Over 25,000

customers worldwide

I am enjoying looking through the daily reports and examining the mining reports, both current and historical. I have opened a share trading account with the ASB, and thank you for the heads up on their service.
I have commenced trading, purchasing some of the stocks on your "Buy" recommendation list. And in doing so, taking a leap of faith, as two of the stocks I purchased were on the ASB sell list! It was also good to know that several of the stocks we already have in our portfolio are inclusions on your accumulate and hold lists.
So, in a nut shell, the site is easy to use, and so far, so good. Thanks for following up!

J Colville

Just a heads up to say that I'm really finding the Fat Prophets recommendations working for me.. it's great to be able to positively enjoy trading again backed by solid advice.

I Farmer

I want to thank you for such a wonderful subscription service. I have memberships to Dr Marc Fabers GloomBoomDoom Report and various other world standard publications. Yours is right there at the top of the tree with these reports and is almost completely in sync with them.

S Woollett

I just want to let you guys and the team know that I think you are producing an excellent and superior subscription newsletter. Your thinking and explanations are clear, concise and well written. Your research is thorough and this is especially demonstrated in the Fat Picture. Through my reading of the Financial Review, extra research via the E-Trade site and most importantly your newsletter I am cautiously confident. For me, being a small investor with a little over a $100,000 in superannuation (that I now directly control) your services well worth the yearly subscription rate.

I Tanner