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      Wealth Management

      Separately Managed Accounts

      Since 2007 with over $100 million in Funds under Management, Fat Prophets’ Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) have created substantial long-term value for its investors. Find out how the SMAs can help you reach your investment goals.

      Whether you’re an experienced investor or simply looking to streamline and reduce the complexity to the way you manage your investment portfolio, a Fat Prophets Managed Account can help.

      Our experienced team of researchers and analysts, with the Super Prophets’ consolidated self-management platform are ready to help take your wealth creation to the next level.

      Angus Geddes

      CIO and Founder

      Why invest in a Fat Prophets Managed Account?

      Professional Manager

      Access to a team of investment professional headed up by Angus Geddes

      Diversified Portfolio

      World class constructed portfolios giving you access to a variety of different equities

      Strong Performance

      History of delivering positive performance to our clients

      International Exposure

      Opportunity to invest internationally without the hefty brokerage costs

      Active Portfolio Management

      Managed portfolio aiming to get the best out of the medium to long term

      Retain Beneficial Ownership

      Ownership and full transparency of the portfolio, including corporate actions and dividends.