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Daily FatChat

If you’re DIY and need to stay on top of things, this is it. A daily email straight from our CEO and founder Angus Geddes, giving his views on the previous day’s market moves and developments, what it all means, and how to react accordingly.


Product Description

Do you want to know what all the market movements and latest developments mean for your investment portfolio? Our CEO Angus Geddes will make sense of it all, and provide his take, in his Daily Note each morning.

The Daily Note has been a cornerstone of Fat Prophets communication with Members and clients for the past nine years. In the note Angus looks to cut through all the ‘noise’ and outlines what the daily stream of economic data, market news, political developments, stock and sector moves, means for the way he is positioning client portfolios, and what the outlook is going forward. And what it means for you as an investor.

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